Vintage 2002 ****

2002 will also be remembered as a warm year, even though the January was very cold and the heat of summer did not last very long. Thanks to above-average temperatures in the transitional months, however, the wines have an attractive tension and complexity. During the whole of the winter, Terlano was not once carpeted in snow. The combination of soils without a protective snow cover, the lack of precipitation since the end of the previous autumn and the long period of cold weather made it a difficult start to the year in the vineyards. It was not until February that a normal volume of rain was delivered. That also heralded a relatively positive pattern of spring weather. The vegetation emerged from its hibernation in the middle of March and, thanks to the warm temperatures, developed very quickly. Not even a late frost at the end of the month or the unsettled – but always warm – weather in April were a problem for the grapevines. The pronounced lack of moisture during spring was compensated by a large number of rainy days in May – as well as continually above-average temperatures – so that even the lower layers of soil received an adequate water supply. Summer arrived unexpectedly early, but the hot weather did not last very long and, after just thirty days, it seemed to be over by the end of June. Neither the July nor August were very summery, with several days of rain but only a limited amount of precipitation. The autumn began with some very warm and sunny days, but the temperatures dropped steeply toward the end of September, returning to the normal range for the time of year. Following a short period of rain, the October was a very good month for the harvest.

840.8 mm
2,155 h