Vintage 2013 ****

2013, a year of excellent whites and a Pinot Noir we are going to hear more about.

The last few weeks before the 2013 grape harvest were subject to pronounced temperature fluctuations: around 10-11°C during the night, rising to 25°C during the day. This thermal excursion has lent our white wines their crisp acidity and low pH.

932.1 mm
09 September 2013
2,048 h

White wines

In general, the 2013 vintage can be expected to deliver white wines combining an elegant aromatic complexity with a pleasing freshness and intensive floral notes with an above-average potential for aging.


Red wines

Among the reds, the Pinot Noir is particularly impressive for its seductively intense color, ripe fruit flavors, harmonious structure and well integrated tannins. The difficult climatic conditions encountered in October, with highly changeable weather and the occasional downpour, did not have the slightest effect on the quality of our full-bodied reds. The thick skins of the grapes protected them from rot. The only difficulty we had was with the fermentation process, which was very slow and complex to handle. On the other hand, that was to the benefit of the wines’s aromatic structure. Elegant red wines are therefore also to be found in the 2013 vintage, with our classic Lagrein and Merlot wines already indicating a balanced structure with subtle and intensive fruity notes, as is typical of these varieties.