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Specialist magazine "Weinwirtschaft" awards Terlaner Cuvée first place

Terlaner Cuvée takes 1st place in the category "Italian White Wines" in the annual ranking of "The 100 Top Wines of the Year 2020" conducted by the specialist magazine "Weinwirtschaft".

15.12.2020 - Pinot Bianco: Ambasciatore di Longevità

In this article, Elisa Paolini presents her tasting of the Vorberg Riserva 2018 on : "The tasting was extremely elegant and complex, in which freshness, savouriness and fruity aromas were perfecly expressed in a delicate balance".

24.11.2020 Guide de L'Espresso - Vorberg Riserva 2018, la nuova annata del ‘grande’ Pinot Bianco della Cantina di Terlano

In this article Gianluca Montinaro explains the Stocker Method, which made Cantina Terlano famous all over the world. Regarding the 2018 vintage, Montinaro says: "The structure is both elegant and powerful. Its well-balanced character is the foundation of its longevity - this wine can survive 10 years more without much effort".  


Vorberg Riserva: a testimony to the longevity of Pinot Blanc

For years now Pinot Bianco has become a great protagonist on the wine scene, especially thanks to its versatility and unique characteristics. South Tyrol is one of the best ambassadors of this variety worldwide and among them the name of Cantina Terlano stands out. From the very beginning, Cantina Terlano has understood the incredible ageing potential of Pinot Blanc and the proof of its longevity is the Vorberg Riserva.

24.09.2020 - Italy, Alto Adige: A Crown for Italian Wine

In this article on Monica Larner describes the 2007 Alto Adige Terlano Pinot Bianco Rarity as "a work of true beauty" and praises the extraordinary terroir and unique minerality that Cantina Terlano is able to perfectly encapsulate in its wines.


Forbes Italia - Una Cantina da Collezionisti

In this edition of Forbes, Luca Gardini presents the selection of the best 100 wines that represent the oenological italian legacy at its best. Our Terlaner I Grande Cuvèe 2017 appears in the chart and is describes as: ", che viene descritto come: "The culmination of Cantina Terlano's research. Bergamot, sage and white pepper to the nose, savory and crispy to the mouth".


Vintage 2020: Good quantity and quality"

Cantina Terlano is traditionally the first winery that starts the harvest in South Tyrol. This year the harvest of the first grapes starts in the middle of this week. According to Rudi Kofler, 2020 should be a good vintage in terms of quality and quantity from today's perspective. 


Cucina e Vini - Pinot Bianco, cult variety for Cantina Terlano

In this article, the journalist Giovanna Moldenhauer presents the tasting of three of Cantina Terlano's greatest wines: the Pinot Bianco Rarity 2007, the Nova Domus 2017 and the Terlaner Primo I Grande Cuvée 2017. The journalist says about the Terlaner Primo: "The exceptional persistence not only describes a simple pleasantness, but above all represents the purest expression of a mineral terroir that is unique in the world.