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Forbes - i 40 vini del WineKiller

Luca Gardini, the Winekiller of Italy, selects Cantina Terlano's Terlaner I Grande Cuvée in his list of the best 40 wines not to be missed.


Spirito Divino - Sette calici per sette emozioni

Leila Salimbeni lists Terlaner I Grande Cuvée as one of the most exciting wines to try. Word of Divine Spirit!


Intravino - Il derby delle rocce altoatesine

"The derby of rocks, Terlan vs. Andrian, porphyr vs. dolomite": with these words Andrea Gori sums up our exclusive tasting for trade journalists. About the Terlaner Rarity 2008 he writes: "The taste is intense, pulsating, salty, spicy, rhythm and depth are incredible. The many fruity and aromatic notes reveal a special intensity that cannot be shaken by time. In addition , the interplay of refreshing acidity and yet intense fruit, mountain and heat, alpine and Mediterranean [...] Impressive and almost unattainable for many white wines in the world at this level".


Eva Cucina - Every wine has a soul

In this article, journalist Fabio Codini pays tribute to Cantina Terlano: a journey from the Stocker Method to the uniqueness of Terlano's soils and our historic Terlaner Cuvèe. 


Corriere Romagna - The Subtle Art of Longevity

Luca Gardini and Alessandro Cicognani present our "Subtle Art of Longevity" in this article in Corriere Romagna.


Specialist magazine "Weinwirtschaft" awards Terlaner Cuvée first place

Terlaner Cuvée takes 1st place in the category "Italian White Wines" in the annual ranking of "The 100 Top Wines of the Year 2020" conducted by the specialist magazine "Weinwirtschaft".

15.12.2020 - Pinot Bianco: Ambasciatore di Longevità

In this article, Elisa Paolini presents her tasting of the Vorberg Riserva 2018 on : "The tasting was extremely elegant and complex, in which freshness, savouriness and fruity aromas were perfecly expressed in a delicate balance".

24.11.2020 Guide de L'Espresso - Vorberg Riserva 2018, la nuova annata del ‘grande’ Pinot Bianco della Cantina di Terlano

In this article Gianluca Montinaro explains the Stocker Method, which made Cantina Terlano famous all over the world. Regarding the 2018 vintage, Montinaro says: "The structure is both elegant and powerful. Its well-balanced character is the foundation of its longevity - this wine can survive 10 years more without much effort".