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The World Of Fine Wine: Cantina Terlano 1951-2021 from Borderland to Neverland

Robin Lee reports from a vertical tasting that confirmed the Alto Adige - Südtirol cellar as one of Italy`s finest white wine producers.


Il Gusto: Cantina di Terlano, il regno dei bianchi invecchiati

Paolo Massobrio è a Terlano per presentare questa cantina cooperativa, all'avanguardia in Alto Adige e in Italia


Winecouture: Guida ai vini italiani Falstaff 2023: quali sono i migliori della prima edizione

Primo I Grande Cuvée Terlaner AA Doc 2019 was awarded with 100 points from Falstaff and has been elected "best white wine of the year". 


Passionegourmet: Una leggendaria Verticale di Rarity

 Leila Salimbeni talks about our Terlaner Rarity in "passionegourmet".


Oinos - A wine you will never forget

Paolo Baracchino talks about our Terlaner Rarity 2008 in Oinos magazine, describing it as "A love at first sight, with a unique drinkability and pleasantness". After a careful tasting, Baracchino gives Rarity 2008 a 98/100 rating.


Italia a Tavola: Four labels for one territory, Cantina Terlano pays homage to the historic Cuvée

Behind the name "Terlano" is hidden an enological microcosm of extraordinary importance: "Terlano" is in fact synonymous of the South Tyrolean village where our homonymous winery is located, of a cuvée which wrote the history and of one of the most prestigious subareas of DOC Alto Adige. In this article Italia a Tavola tells all our story!


Gourmet Passion: Terlaner, two monuments in comparison

Gianluca Montinaro narrates about his tasting with Cantina Terlano's excellences. From Terlaner I Grande Cuvée, "testimony of the enormous aging potential of white wines" to Terlaner Rarity 2008, "monument to the Terlaner grape, blend of these three grapes, which has been heritage of these lands for centuries. The quintessence of this blend".


Forbes - i 40 vini del WineKiller

Luca Gardini, the Winekiller of Italy, selects Cantina Terlano's Terlaner I Grande Cuvée in his list of the best 40 wines not to be missed.