Vintage 2005 ****

The year began with unusually sunny weather accompanied by dry and cold northerly winds, which meant little precipitation in the form of either rain or snow. In March, especially at the beginning of the month, the thermometer remained at the cold and frosty end of the scale. It was not until the end of the month, when there was a rapid rise in temperatures, that spring was finally in the air. The April was true to form, with alternating phases of warm and cool, but precipitation remained rare so that the flowers and new shoots put in a slightly late appearance on the grapevines. Early summer weather with warm temperatures arrived in May, while June was unusually hot and still dry. With no rain for weeks and months, cane maturity began relatively early, and the berries remained very small and light, which an August with below-average temperatures and several days of rain did nothing to change. In spite of heavy thunder storms and rainfall during harvest time, the grape clusters, which were loose-berried and hence less prone to rot, were able to mature to the full, and a highly attractive vintage again found its way into the cellars.

515.0 mm
05 September 2005
2,374 h