Vintage 2018 *****

2018 could be defined as "extreme" - from a meteorological point of view - because it was characterized by a snowy winter and a rainy March, conditions that allowed an excellent water supply for the vines. Due to cooler temperatures in early spring, new shoots on the vines appeared in mid-April, later than the previous year. However, the continuation of the season was marked by an almost summery climate, alternating with heavy rainfall, which ensured rapid phenological development of the vines- first inflorescences started blossoming at the end of May.
A hot June ended with a strong hailstorm, causing damage in some of our vineyards. Damage that our producers promptly repaired with great diligence and commitment. The months of July and August were characterized by a great heatwave without precipitation, interrupted by heavy rains in early September. As in 2017, the harvest began on 22 August. Overall, the vintage is satisfactory both in terms of quantity and quality of the wines produced.

12.9 °C
778.5 mm
august 2018
1,952 h

White Wines

White wines fascinate with aromas of ripe fruit and show great elegance. A balanced structure accompanied by a balanced acidity completes an overall harmonious picture.


Red Wines

2018 promises to be a great year for red wines, which are very full-bodied, intense in colour and characterized by precious tannins.