Vintage 2016 *****

The 2016 wine-growing year was a challenging one. On some of the sites, the vegetation period began very early, between the end of March and the beginning of April. Fortunately the frost in the night of April 27 did not do any real damage to the vines. At the end of April and in May, the temperatures remained cool until the vines were already flowering. On the early-flowering sites, the vines started flowering on May 25. From May to August, precipitation was at above-average levels. A change in the weather in the middle of August was a great relief to the vintners. On September 6, we were able to begin the harvest, which was accompanied by perfect autumn weather and warm and dry days.

815.8 mm
06 September 2016
1,969 h

White wines 

Very ripe and healthy grapes with rich concentrations of sugar provided the ideal basis for a good 2016 vintage, with fruity, elegant white wines with fresh acidity.


Red wines

Thanks to the settled weather in autumn, the red wine grapes reached very good phenolic maturity. The 2016 vintage offers intensely colored red wines with a balanced structure and ripe tannins.