Vintage 2010 ****

Because of the dry and cold winter and a similar spring, in the Terlano vineyards, the vegetation period began considerably later than in previous years. After a relatively mild April, there followed a moderately warm and rainy May. The month of June was pleasant, while July proved extremely dry and characterized by record heat. As a result of this unusual weather pattern, many varieties responded with the growth of loose grapes bearing small berries. Additionally already in July, exceptionally vigorous woody growth has been apparent – an indication of a promising year.
The weather conditions during the maturation period were variable; as a consequence of the very low yield, the maturation process nevertheless proceeded at a brisk pace, making it possible to harvest very healthy and fully ripe grapes. All in all, the year 2010 produced one of the lowest yields of
the last 20 years – yet the resultant wines were anything but a disappointment, with outstanding flavor and quality.

678.8 mm
06 September 2010
2,056 h

White wines

Due to their slightly elevated acid content, the white wines display special freshness and a variety of aromas. They are robust, creamy, very juicy, and eminently drinkable.


Red wines

The red wines promise to be a good vintage. For the most part, they present intensive colors, a harmonious mixture of mature tannins, and a satiny structure.