Vintage 2023

A mild winter with little snow was followed by a very dry and mild spring. Fortunately, this was followed by a cool and rainy May, so that the urgently needed water reserves could be replenished. The flowering of the vines was slightly delayed by cool temperatures in April and May.

In the warm summer months of June and July there was sufficient precipitation, which led to a slight increase in fungal pressure with peronospora and oidium. However, major losses in yield were avoided thanks to our long years of experience and professional handling. A hot spell in August briefly slowed the ripening of the grapes. Following abundant rainfall at the end of August, the weather remained stable in late summer and was very fine in the fall. The result was a good harvest, which began with the Sauvignon Blanc on September 4.

The 2023 vintage offers fresh, fruity wines with slightly lower levels of alcohol and can be classified as a good to very good vintage.

13,1° C
4th september 2023
901,3 mm
2.031 h

White Wines

Elegant, fresh and fruity white wines that are highly quaffable.

Very good vintage for Sauvignon Blanc.


Red Wines

Elegant, delicate red wines with well integrated tannins and excellent balance.

Very good vintage for Pinot noir