Vintage 2007 ****

The 2007 harvest year was good for a few surprises. An unusually warm December and January with only little snow led some to search for parallels to other conspicuously warm vintages. And then the milder days in August and September gave the winemakers additional cause for optimism. After all of this unusual weather, it seemed certain that especially fine wines could be expected. The grapes were able to soak up all the sunlight and soil nutrients they needed to achieve optimal maturity. At the same time, a harmonious tartness was likewise present. The rainy summer and the ideal temperatures in the region caused the vegetation to flourish. As a result, it was possible to begin the harvest a little earlier than usual. Consequently, the grapes had attained the perfect degree of ripeness as they were picked. The mild autumn sun helped the late-harvest wines to acquire an optimal finish.

603.6 mm
16 August 2007
2,202 h

White wines

The white wines achieved delicate and complex flavor qualities: they were very fruity, well-structured, and with just the right note of tartness.


Red wines

The red wines are characterized by an extraordinarily beautiful color intensity and many-faceted aromas; they are robust and smooth, with a soft yet pronounced tannin structure.