Vintage 2008 ***/****

The year 2008 was a harvest year characterized by capricious weather conditions, representing an appreciable challenge to the wine-makers of Terlano. A damp and cool spring followed a mild and dry winter – the budding of the grapes was correspondingly late and hesitant. There was considerable precipitation in May and June, too, thus extending the period of blossoming. But ultimately, this delay had a beneficial effect upon the later start of the harvest and lower-weight grapes.

In late-June, the weather revealed just how unpredictable it could be: Heavy hail storms devastated part of the Terlano area. It was only thanks to the rapid response and total commitment of the grape growers that more-serious consequences could be averted.

Steady and uncompromising labor in the vineyards was ultimately rewarded by Mother Nature. The grapes of Terlano were able to bask in the warming rays of a classic Indian Summer, and the mild weather facilitated harvesting. This resulted in wines bearing the earmarks of the tumultuous harvest year.

941.0 mm
08 September 2008
2,161 h

White wines

The white wines display a freshness and a fine acidity which will accordingly require a little more time to fully develop.


Red wines

The fruity, elegant, and smooth red wines promise an extraordinarily wide range of aromas and an exciting tasting experience.