Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate 2022


Terlaner I Primo Grande Cuvée 2019

97+ points 

This is a gorgeous white wine, one of the best made in Italy. The Cantina Terlano 2019 Terlaner Grand Cuvée Primo is 70% Pinot Bianco, 28% Chardonnay and 2% Sauvignon Blanc. You feel all parts of the grape in this wine—the skins, the pulp and the extreme workmanship that goes into the blend and aging. This is the proverbial work of art in a bottle. Candied orange, apricot, almond paste, star jasmine, honey, saffron and much more rise gracefully from the bouquet. To the palate, this 3,333-bottle production offers an opulent, mid-weight texture with a smooth and silky finish. There are only great things to say.

 Rarity Pinot Bianco 2009

97 points 

A special late-release production, the Cantina Terlano 2009 Alto Adige Terlano Pinot Bianco Rarity shows a beautifully intact and luminous color with highlights of yellow gold. It's impossible not to be blown away by this incredible effort, and if I had to put my finger on what exactly makes this wine so iconic, it is the impossible depth of the mouthfeel. The finish is so long, and the wine hits the palate with comprehensive but graceful intensity. The bouquet shows pristine orchard fruit, light spice and saffron flower. Those fruity tones transition to minerality and salinity that add to the polished intensity and longevity of this exceptional white. Only 3,500 bottles were made, and the fruit comes from southwest-facing cliffhanging vineyards at 550 to 600 meters in elevation.

Terlaner Nova Domus 2019

95+ points 

The Cantina Terlano 2019 Alto Adige Terlano Riserva Nova Domus is a blend of 60% Pinot Bianco, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Sauvignon Blanc. The bouquet is layered and rich with orchard fruit and apricot, and of course you also get the dusty mineral notes that so beautifully express the Italian Dolomites. This wine (with 33,000 bottles made) promises a long and interesting bottle evolution.

Vorberg Pinot Bianco Riserva 2019

95 points

This is a gorgeous wine and one of my favorite whites of the year. The Cantina Terlano 2019 Alto Adige Terlano Pinot Bianco Riserva Vorberg is softly textured and rich. Its aromas are well integrated and balanced, starting off with pear and crisp apple and continuing to sage, saffron and a spicy hint of white licorice. However, the main protagonist is the mineral definition that frames this lovely white. 

Monticol Pinot Noir Riserva 2019

95 points

Cantina Terlano is making great strides with the Burgundian grape. The 2019 Alto Adige Pinot Noir Riserva Monticol is beautifully fragrant and delicate with a full bouquet of wild berry aromas, violet, iris root and candied orange skin. The wine prizes intensity of aromas but also underlines a gentle and fragile approach. It is fermented (with malolactic fermentation) in barrique and botte. This vintage hits it out of the ballpark. Some 45,000 bottles were made.

Quarz Sauvignon Blanc 2020 

94 points

The Cantina Terlano 2020 Alto Adige Terlano Sauvignon Quarz is always one of those bottles I bring to the table when I am lucky enough to have it in the day's tasting lineup. This vintage is especially fragrant and citrusy with passion fruit, unripe nectarine, crushed quartz (which gives inspiration to the wine's name) and hints of floral bergamot.

Terlaner Cuvèe 2021

93 points 

This is a blend of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, the three heavy hitters of Alto Adige whites. The Cantina Terlano 2021 Alto Adige Terlaner Cuvée is beautifully silky and textured with flinty mineral, soft orchard fruit and honey. The wine falls gracefully onto the palate with a lightweight but creamy texture. What an amazing deal, and with 230,000 bottles made, it should not be too hard to locate.

Porphyr Lagrein Riserva 2019 

93 points

The Cantina Terlano 2019 Alto Adige Lagrein Riserva Porphyr is an opaque and richly concentrated wine that is almost impenetrable in appearance. Prune, raisin and all sorts of black fruits emerge heavily from the bouquet. The wine spreads richly over the palate, pushed forward by considerable fruit weight and pretty acidity.

Kreuth Chardonnay 2020

93 points 

The Cantina Terlano 2020 Alto Adige Terlano Chardonnay Kreuth is crisp in intensity and brilliant in appearance. The wine shows aromas of preserved lemon, apricot, almond and poached pear. The wine ferments in oak and undergoes a partial malolactic fermentation followed by 10 months' aging in both steel and oak. What I like about this Chardonnay is that it focuses on Dolomitic and mineral aromas more than oak or winemaking. This is a beautifully fresh and polished expression.

Pinot Bianco Tradition 2021

93 points 

Here's a wine to stock in you fridge for easy access when needed. The Cantina Terlano 2021 Alto Adige Weissburgunder Pinot Bianco Tradition delivers a clean and exceptional reason for us to believe in this grape when planted in this mountainous environment. The wine is redolent of lemon mousse and peach, and there is plenty of salty mineral as well. The mouthfeel is semi-rich with a polished and creamy finish.

Chardonnay Tradition 2021

92 points 

Packaged in a thick glass bottle, the Cantina Terlano 2021 Alto Adige Chardonnay Tradition is sleek and tonic with pinpoint aromas of candied orange skin, apple, glossy latex and hints of soft sage, white flower and crushed shell. The wine offers a silky, lean to medium-bodied texture that covers the whole palate with ample freshness. Winemaking is in stainless steel only. You get outstanding value.

Pinot Grigio Tradition 2021

92 points 

Always a delightful wine to drink, the well-priced Cantina Terlano 2021 Alto Adige Pinot Grigio Tradition reveals a light gold color and characteristic aromas of lemon peel, dried hay, wild sage and crushed limestone. Only seeing stainless steel, the wine hits that intersection between crisp fruit and minerality. This is the secret of its massive drinking appeal. This versatile wine could pair with fish tacos, Thai salads, Mediterranean fish, and the list goes on.

Lunare Gewürztraminer 2020

92 points 

The partially oak-aged Cantina Terlano 2020 Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Lunare is fragrant, sweet and rich. With fruit from a hot vintage, the wine is weighty and sticky in places, and it concludes with a powerful and unexpected 15% alcohol content. The bouquet shows dried apricot, almond blossom and a collection of candied fruit aromas like you might taste in a Sicilian dessert. It is quite thick in texture, and it moves slowly over the palate with subtle sweetness. Sage and dried herb appear on the delicate finish of this 17,000-bottle production.

Gewürztraminer Tradition 2021

91 points 

The Cantina Terlano 2021 Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Tradition (with 100,000 bottles made) is a sweet and fragrant wine with heavy beeswax, sticky apricot and canned peach. Made only in stainless steel, the wine follows up with tighter aromas of cumin and saffron over a generous finish. Dried herb and white flower also appear.